Avaleht Seisukohad Kõne “Europe’s new Boundaries” Pariisi kaitsefoorumil, põhipunktid

Kõne “Europe’s new Boundaries” Pariisi kaitsefoorumil, põhipunktid

Main points:

Physical boundaries: Ukraine cannot lose the war because it would mean that we de facto accept that it is OK for an aggressor to change the borders of a sovereign country by force – the main international principle that we have been trying to uphold since WWII. This will have far-reaching consequences for Europe, but not only, all dictators will take note. Ukraine’s win is possible, and we should clearly state it as our goal. And that we all need more ammo for this and for Ukraine.

Internal/mindset boundaries: Europe has been reimagining its own boundaries and how it fulfils its “peace and prosperity project” – defence and even defence industry (previously as dirty as tobacco industry) is now recognized as necessary for a sustainable, prosperous future. Defence industry not only enables prosperity but also creates it (jobs, technological spillover effects, economic growth). Defence readiness should be officially recognized as the EU’s third strategic objective besides green and digital transitions. And that means need for ammo recognition by parliaments.

Political boundaries: There should be no “gray zones” (politically contested areas) left in Europe – Ukraine, as well as other prospective EU/NATO members, should be irreversibly integrated into the euroatlantic community – this is also their will. Imagine, if the Baltic States had been left “neutral” after their independence from the Soviet Union.