? You have not been discussed on this blog for THREE YEARS, FIVE MONTHS AND TWENTY FOUR MOTHERFUCKING DAYS. The only time your name appeared here in that time span was once in when i gave Claarkie line of the week for a comment he made of you, that post was about him and his deserved award. You did have names you were hiding from everyone including people you call friends here for a few weeks at least twice in that time span and those names may or may not have shown up here prior to my realization they were you but you get the gist

Before we get to the subject matter at hand, i first want to say to Tammy and Hypno how brilliantly you two ladies handled the situation in Poli the other night.

Thank you for your comments and how you dealt with it all and a big ditto (that’s ditto Jonny, not dildo) to you both on the things you say towards me. It’s Sazing Pier Reader Night here on the Pier and Tammy and Hyp are sitting at table #1 with a few of you others. So we will start this evening’s entertainment by posting that episode from Poli. Most, if not all of you know that Jonny has gone by the name of Zimmy for awhile now and zimmy is a stupid ass name so i will continue to refer to him as Jonny for blog purposes.

So to prelude this chat from the other night, the reader should understand that Jonny, on his various names since my last post about him on 06-25-18, has constantly whined about the Pier and myself ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad nauseum. (Yes that’s ad nauseum to the 10th degree, i just never learned how to do that little smaller number to indicate that). I recall checking later that year with my handy dandy log checking software and it indicated you mentioned my name FIVE POINT TWO TIMES A DAY. on average, every day you were here, for the 90 days following that post. Random checks 2 or 3 times a year after that indicated the average was rising. Loe edasi »