An added clue, to successfully pass over less persuading presumptions, activities in the poem’s name, indicating a factual including abstract connection regarding urn and you can poem. The ode try announced such as for example, whilst, a keen epigram, within the Greek root a keen inscription during the verse usually placed on a sculpture, tomb, otherwise funerary column. In this regard more in basic terms-minded inference to be taken on the poem’s term was so you’re able to perceive the text of your ode inscribed “on the good Grecian urn.” This would enhance the fresh poem’s commentary on ekphrasis because of the an excellent recourse into the prototypical find out-of visual and literary artwork, the fresh epigrammatic fiction from a chatting brick set in relief because of the the brand new quiet stone about what the epigram is inscribed, an experience formulated by the antagonistic collusion of one’s stonemason and you can the newest epigrammatist trained throughout the rhetoric off prosopopoeia. Loe edasi »