Her first husband, Mr Lightner, outlived both Jo

Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner Smith Young, was married to Mr Lightner, who never was baptized. Concurrently, she was sealed to Jo Young married her. She was not concurrently sealed to more than one while they were alive, but she was married to two live husbands. More can be learned about this in the book: “In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith”.

Also, on the subject of thinking “the current prophet is fallen” you mentioned earlier – I received an e-mail question from a reader here:

If a [person] did not sustain the first presidency is that grounds for [church discipline] to get them to “regain” their testimony? I’m just wondering because in the baptismal interview, investigators have to answer in the affirmative when asked if Thomas S Monson is a prophet, if they wish to be baptized. . .

The language used to frame your question defaults to their position. By that I mean, you asked if a member could be disciplined for not “sustaining” their leaders. The people in power always control the lexicon – and with that power, LDS leaders have changed the meaning of “sustain” [which we all should do] to mean “vote in favor of” [which we might not necessarily need to do].

We should always sustain our leaders – which are the voice of the church as manifested by the vote of common consent. That’s our leaders who we submit to – b/c even God submits Himself to the voice of the people. Loe edasi »