Vitamin Bseveral deficiency has long been associated with a wide variety of hematological, neurological, and psychiatric disorders. The role of vitamin B12 deficiency as one of the few treatable causes of dementia, however, is still controversial. The authors report on 2 elderly patients suffering from cognitive impairment and psychotic symptomatology probably related to cobalamin deficiency, who showed improvement after parenteral vitamin B12 substitution.

Dementia are a typically going on problem, particularly in elderly people inhabitants. The differential medical diagnosis of one’s dementia syndromes boasts a large amount away from issues, off Alzheimer’s disease and you may alcoholic dementia in order to posttraumatic and you will vascular alzhiemer’s disease. Hypovitaminosis is among the partners problems leading to dementia which might be potentially treatable today.

Dementia In the Supplement B12 Insufficiency

The following two case reports illustrate the importance of vitamin B12 deficiency as a possible cause for the development of dementia. They also underline that vitamin B12 deficiency is a frequent condition in the elderly population that is often overlooked in clinical practice. Whereas common routine parameters like the serum level of vitamin B12 or the Schilling test in deficiency, newer functional assays in B12 deficiency as a cofactor for dementia in the future.

Situation Profile

Patient 1. Diligent O.F., male, is actually labeled a medical facility in the chronilogical age of 64 years because of frustration and collapse. Predicated on household members and you may colleagues out of functions, O.F. Loe edasi »