I’ve stated before that KDS Forum was a well-known BBS to possess primarily Shanghai men. KDS means “kuan dai shan” (???) or “broadband hill” in the English. Since KDS are a great “mountain,” individuals into the KDS provide the guys new nickname, “tu fei” (??), meaning “bandits” because the When you look at the Chinese record, there have been plenty of “bandits” otherwise robbers one to assault someone travelling from hills.

This woman is Shanghainese. Produced 1982, top 165cm, lbs 48kg, a beneficial physical appearance, lively, discover, and you will bright aura, perhaps not a lb girl*. Brings in 4000 RMB/month pre-taxation, functions during the Hours, just guy. Has experienced you to sweetheart however, because the guy enjoyed to try out up to, it split a year ago… Because her parents are pestering the girl, she would like to select a date, particularly the type that marry next year.

  1. He will be more than the woman, created anywhere between 1977-1982.
  2. Has household or no residence is fine, the woman is prepared to interact which have your to purchase domestic and automobile once marriage.
  3. The guy should be advisable that you her and does not mess around. This lady has come harm ahead of, making this a significant section.
  4. Provided they are much less ugly, he shall be good. Loe edasi »