133. twenty five, it indicates tomatoes was: (a) Inferior products. (b) Luxury services and products. (c) Normal products. (d) Cannot state. Answer: (c) Typical merchandise.

There was a relationship between cost of a commodity and interest in the complementary services and products (anything else kept a similar)

134. six. So what does that it mean: (a) Personal college degree are a luxury. (b) Individual school degree are a necessity. (c) Individual college or university degree was a smaller item. (d) We should convey more personal colleges. Answer: (a) Personal school knowledge is a luxurious.

Assume the income suppleness from education independently college when you look at the Asia is 1

135. Suppose potatoes has actually (-).0.cuatro once the money flexibility. We are able to state from the data as the: (a) Carrots try lower products. (b) Carrots was premium merchandise. (c) Carrots try necessities. (d) There’s an aspire to improve earnings of users therefore they can pick carrots. Answer: (a) Carrots is actually substandard items.

136. Whether your income flexibility is lower than you to, they suggests that items is both apparently the very least essential in brand new sight of user otherwise it is good ________. (a) Substandard (b) Luxury (c) Necessity (d) Not one of these Respond to: (c) Criteria

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